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A photo of Steve Bullock and family
Steve Bullock and family.

Growing up in Montana, I never took for granted the spectacular wide open spaces that make our state one of the last truly unspoiled places on Earth. Montana is still a place where you can walk for miles and see more elk, bear, and trout than people. Our worldclass rivers, majestic mountains, and rolling plains are where I hunt, fish and hike with my family. We hope your travels will give you the same special memories we have from growing up here. On behalf of the people Montana, we invite you to join us in exploring the “Last Best Place.”

See you soon,

Steve Bullock
Governor of Montana

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Places to Go

Montana offers sixteen ski areas, seven Indian Nations, two national parks and fifty-four state parks.
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Things to Do

Montana offers endless things to do, from on the edge adventures to leisurely family outings.
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Every season and community offers unique opportunities for recreation and adventure in Montana.
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