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Two motorcyclist on the highway

Main Street, Dillon.
Photo courtesy Montana Office of Tourism.

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.
Photo courtesy Montana Office of Tourism.

Notch Bottom.
Photo courtesy Cole Boehler

Unpaved Tours

"Adventure touring” is a new niche in our motorcycle stable. Adventure touring means to get off the pavement and onto gravel routes, Forest Service roads, maybe even fire roads, but not “enduro riding” rugged trails or cross-country.

Adventure touring bikes usually have longer suspension travel and perhaps heavier springs, wide, flat handlebars, a skid plate underneath to protect oil pans and engine cases, maybe hand guards and tires with more aggressive tread blocks that work on and off the pavement. The long-distance adventure tourers are often decked out with the hard, square panniers, too.

Blacktail Deer Creek

Easy going, well maintained gravel

The sky over these rolling, pretty, rich grasslands is big! This is awesome, if lonely, country.

Into the Valley

Remote majesty

If you’re up for more adventure, new country and remote, fabulous scenery, then head for the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.

Notch Bottom

On the Big Hole

The “Burma Road” along the Big Hole River offers exquisite scenery. This is looking downriver and toward the Tobacco Root Mountains to the east in the far distance.

By Cole Boehler
the author and publisher of
"Motorcycling Montana"